USP: Product Assortment & Category Management

The stores offer a choice between two price points: middle and high end, thereby offering something for the select category only.

Leverages merchandising knowhow & knowledge of customer buying preferences in NCR – product assortment includes premium Indian grocery & exotic imported produce 3000-6000 SKU's are stocked at the store depending on format.
Ideal product mix ensures store level inventory of 30 days on shelves.
Strives to keep differentiated products by tying up with renowned suppliers.
Live counters for increased customer interactions, footfalls – bakery items, salads, prepared foods & meats.
Active category management & right product assortment ensures higher number of walk-in conversions viz. competition while maintaining lower inventory levels to ensure profitability.

USP: Store Layout & Infrastructure

The store is aesthetically designed and well stocked and displayed for ease of location and shopping, with the best racking units, – uncluttered with minimum in store advertising & merchandising allowed.
Category stacking by ingredient type & area of origin, to allow for easy identification & selection – dedicated sections for dry groceries and meats.
State of the art store infrastructure, machinery, cold room & food storage / warehouse.
Cold room storage – All perishable non-vegetarian and vegetarian food items are stored under ideal conditions to preserve both nutrition and taste.
Well designed check out counter layout – average check out time lower than 3 minutes, across all stores.

Delhi Farms caters to a niche segment of the society. The loyal base is typically characterized by a discerning taste and choice rather than by value. All our customers are high spenders who have global tastes and are well travelled. They appreciate the gourmet assortments available at Delhi Farms and are well versed with most of our unique offerings.