Delhi Farms Overview

Delhi Farms is the complete food store. From the basic, everyday groceries like masalas to exotic imports from across the globe, Delhi Farms has a wide range of products from every food category. An extensive meats section with a wide range of fresh and marinated meats, poultry and seafood.

The complete range of premium fresh, frozen and marinated meats, poultry, seafood and delicatessen, are packaged and displayed in ultra clean, hygienic conditions. The vegetable section has exotic produce, guaranteed fresh, along with a wide range of frozen and pre packaged foods. All non-vegetarian and vegetarian food items are stored under ideal conditions to preserve both nutrition and taste. The gourmet groceries, beverages, spices, pastas, cheese, olive oil & olives.


Delhi Farms, gourmet food retailer based out of National Capital Region (NCR).
Operate in a premium, niche gourmet retail market catering to urban well-travelled Indian consumers who love to experiment with global cuisine & understand the finer nuances of food ingredients.


Currently operating out of Nirvana Courtyard in Sector 50, Gurgaon with a new store planned in the following year.
Deep knowledge of customer psyche, perfected store formats, product procurement, robust systems & processes resulting in profitable operations at store & corporate level.
Strong relationships across the value chain including producers, importers, suppliers & employees (low attrition of store management).

Brand Equity

Unaided brand awareness, brand association with gourmet retail & recall among NCR consumers – experiential marketing with footfalls generated through customer referrals.
Known for its buying experience – product assortment, gourmet knowledge, store infrastructure & service quality.

Chef's Key Profile:

Mr. Sumit Sethi

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at a young age Sumit Sethi set big goals for himself. A first generation self made entrepreneur he created the Delhi Farms retail concept bottom upwards. He has a rich experience of 26 years having started off in the year 1992. He has been the visionary force behind setting up Delhi Farms and rearing it to success.

Being a chef and interested in setting up a venture where he could use his strengths that lay in his outstanding cooking ability, his innate and deep interest in gourmet food and his learning's and extensive observations through his travels.

Since Delhi Farms inception his drive for quality has been his greatest ally. Today Delhi Farms store is known for selling lifestyle experience and not the standard box selling. Sumit Sethi has plans to grow Delhi Farms bigger but keeping the fundamentals of quality and store experience as the fulcrum.